Market is the sea, quality is the ship, brand is the sail; today's quality, tomorrow's market; build the Great Wall of quality, revitalize the Chinese economy; construct "quality, environment, safety" - an integrated management system; build a quality culture quality system, create attractive, soul quality; future success belongs to the century of quality leaders; cast brilliance, only quality; Advantages and disadvantages are more important than costs; survive by quality, develop by quality, benefit by quality; survive by quality and develop by reform; qualify by quality is the obligation of society, and quality excellence is the contribution to society; quality is a successful partner, and standard-keeping is the guarantee of quality; customers are the source of enterprise development; inject life into products, products will live in the market. Up; production must depend on low cost, competition depends on high quality; work hard to melt business philosophy, so that enterprise culture will continue to grow; establish core values, and be good at learning, but also good at creating; quality is the life of enterprises.