Chengpu Express Railway will be built in 2012 and Dayi will be integrated into Chengdu's 15-minute l

112 It is understood that the Sichuan Development and Reform Commission has recently announced 11 new railway projects for 2012, including the newly built Chengdu-Pujiang Railway through Dayi. The construction of this fast railway will greatly shorten the distance between Dayi County and the main urban area. After that, Dayi citizens will only travel to Chengdu in 15 minutes.

The Chengdu-Pujiang Express Railway is 99.087 kilometers long and can reach a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. It will be completed in 2015.

Chengpu Railway Line enters Dayi through Ganxi River, crosses Chengwenyong Expressway, extends between Second Ring Road and Chengwenyong Expressway, crosses Xiejiang River, then crosses Chengwenyong Expressway and Wang Si to Qionglai. There are two stations in Dayi County, Jinyuan and Wang Sizhen. Wang Sizhen Station is the ground station and Dayi Station is the elevated station, which is 12.5 kilometers long.