New employee EHS, GMP, induction training
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EHS: main contents of training

I. production status and production safety knowledge of the company

The production safety system and labor discipline of the unit

Rights and obligations of employees

Iv. Relevant accident cases

Accident and emergency rescue

Vi. Occupational health

Vii. Introduction to EHS system

GMP: main training content

1. Know GMP

1.1. What are drugs

1.2. What is GMP

1.3 purpose of GMP

1.4 guiding principles and principles for GMP implementation

1.5 implementation basis of GMP

2. GMP specification requirements

2.1 people are the key to the implementation of GMP

2.2 personnel requirements

2.3, training

Induction training: main training content

1. Overview of the company

2. Corporate culture

3. Company rules and regulations

4. Employee benefits

5. Safety knowledge