Capectaline injection, a good medicine to prevent uterine fatigue postpartum bleeding
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With the opening of the two-child policy in China, the birth rate has increased by more than 15%, and with the growth of the birth rate, postpartum hemorrhage has become one of the most common and dangerous clinical diseases in obstetrics and gynecology, among which the most important reason is still the weakness of uterine contractions, followed by cesarean section, placenta previa, giant baby and other factors.

In China, the age of first birth of women of childbearing age is delayed, the rate of caesarean section is rising and the number of giant babies is increasing, and the incidence of postpartum hemorrhage is also increasing. More attention will be paid to the treatment and prevention of postpartum hemorrhage, especially the prevention of high-risk groups is particularly important. Currently, oxytocin is used in clinical prevention or treatment.

The benefits of capectin are more pronounced than traditional contractions. Clinical data at home and abroad show that cabectin has good advantages when used in the third labor process (the third labor process refers to a period of time from the delivery of the fetus to the delivery of the placenta).

The drug, capectin injection, was rated as the most marketable drug in 2016. Although the sales volume of capectin injection is close to that of oxytocin injection, the retail price is still hundreds of times worse than that of oxytocin injection. Such a large gap is full of similar force space, let countless agents compete for concessions, but the ideal is full, the reality is bone sense, the indications of approved capectin and oxytocin indications (for induction of labor, oxytocin, postpartum and abortion due to uterine contractions weakness or poor contractions caused by uterine bleeding; Understand the placenta function), by contrast, to adapt to the crowd gap is big, have a saying that every caesarean women may be card bei oxytocin potential users, this statement should only regard it as a nice wish to view, the current indications in clinical want to super range using risk is more and more big, at the same time, we also want to see, such as enterprise products entering the market first popularized subsequent mimic has been followed.

From the clinical point of view, the operation is simpler and the clinical effect is better. Capectin will gradually replace the common oxytocin and become the preferred drug to prevent postpartum hemorrhage.

Capectin will bind to the receptor of oxytocin on the cytoplasmic membrane, increase intracellular Ca2+ release through its g-protein coupling, activate the voltage-sensitive calcium channel, increase the concentration of Ca2+ in the cytoplasm, and cause uterine smooth muscle contraction, so as to prevent postnatal contractions.

Capectin is a long-acting oxytocin receptor agonist that ACTS like oxytocin released by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland, acting quickly and for a long time.

As the first visit in China, chengdu shengnuo biological pharmaceutical co., LTD., with independent intellectual property rights, has been approved for the market of carbendine and carbendine injection.

At the same time, the company also conducted GMP certification of capecitine API, and concentrated on bidding and marketing, so as to promote the development of capecitine market and the achievement of the annual revenue target. At the same time, the listing of this drug has enriched the company's core product categories, optimized the company's product structure, and will have a significant positive impact on the company's performance improvement. The most important is to improve product quality, quality value.