After being infected with AIDS... Wait uselessly, block quickly and active cure!

Today is the 21st January, I believe many people know what is this day, because it brings a sense of let people to remember it, HIV, it bring us harm is devastating, so in order to improve people's cognition of AIDS, the world health organization (who) on December 1 every year is world AIDS day.

This year, the theme of world AIDS day is "active testing to know AIDS prevention and sharing health".

HIV, also known as AIDS, it originated in Africa, since June 5, 1981 after the discovery, has become the 21st century to one of the biggest infectious diseases threatening human health, due to its characteristics of the virus and the incubation period is too long, before is basic cannot be cured, but because of its route of transmission is mainly rely on maternal and infant, saliva and sexually transmitted, suffering from HIV, the first impression that gives a person is not totally, so for many patients suffering from HIV, it is very difficult, so many patients are negative, is not willing to cooperate with treatment, this also is the main reason for the high mortality rate of AIDS.

Incomplete statistics according to the report of the global AIDS global HIV/AIDS patients up to 36 million people, an annual increase of about 5 million HIV/AIDS patients, according to the momentum, if not checked for the prevention and control, so really can't believe in 10 years, 20 years later, the world will become what appearance, this is really dare not to think about things.

As a country with a large number of HIV/AIDS patients, China has seen a rapid increase in the number of patients in recent years, posing a great threat to the health of the Chinese people.

Over the years, thanks to the unremitting efforts of experts from various countries, anti-hiv drugs have also been developed, giving hope to AIDS patients. As a result, the attitude of patients has gradually shifted from negative to positive treatment. Currently, there are more than 30 varieties of anti-hiv drugs on the market worldwide. Categories include nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, non nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, integrase inhibitors, protease inhibitors, fusion inhibitors and CCR5 receptor inhibitors, the drugs can effectively restrain and blocking the incidence of HIV/AIDS, but due to the particularity of HIV/AIDS, and after the suppression and blocking, and high risk of recurrence case. So the drug control rate for HIV is still very low.

With the emergence of polypeptide drugs in recent years, due to the wide indications, high safety and significant efficacy, experts turned their attention to polypeptide drugs. After a long time of efforts, they finally developed a peptide drug combining anti-retrovirus with blocking HIV control -- enfovir vial for injection.

Because of AIDS is different from general diseases, even anti-hiv drug control is not high also, even some patients after blocking treatment, there will be recurrence, and injection well, wei peptide role is, and used in combination with other antiretroviral drugs, treatment by other antiretroviral drugs are still HIV - 1 the replication of the virus infection in patients with HIV - 1. After clinical use, the effect is very significant, and this product is also widely used in the prevention and control of HIV treatment.

With the success of the research and development of enfveeptide for injection, this terrible demon has gradually become controllable. It can be said that China has made another important step in the fight against HIV.

So if you accidentally fell ill, don't give up on themselves, with the development of medical technology now, it is not so terrible, it can be controlled, must be strong, cooperate with drug treatment, of course, we must be, and then have a full knowledge of AIDS and cognitive, know the terrible AIDS sex, so we must try to stay away from drugs and other all the way of all possible sources of HIV/AIDS, make sure not to be infected by these things, his health than what all important.