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R & D patents

Invention patents:

(1) [2 - [5 - (2-chloropyridoxy)] methyl] azacyclobutane polypeptide derivative and its application, patent No.: zl02113590.8

(2) Meloxicam orally disintegrating tablets and its preparation method, patent No.: zl200310111142.7

(3) Bambuterol hydrochloride orally disintegrating tablets and its preparation method, patent No.: zl200310111140.8

(4) Compound with antitumor activity and preparation method, patent No.: zl201010180618.2

(5) Preparation method of bivalirudin, patent No.: zl201110170669.1

(6) Cysteine derivative and its preparation method and application, patent No.: zl201110151922.9

(7) A preparation method of efebart, patent No.: zl201210025197.5

(8) A method for synthesis of liraglutide, patent No.: zl201410265582.6

(9) A method for synthesizing linalootide, patent No.: zl201510314459.3

(10) A method for the synthesis of lisilalai, patent No.: zl201510315186.4

(11) A method for the synthesis of pareptide, patent No.: zl201410837093.3

(12) A method for the synthesis of tidurotide, patent No.: zl201510274924.5

(13) A method for the synthesis of sinapride, patent No.: zl201510274315. X

(14) A method for the synthesis of z2015102

(15) Thymosin α 1 injection and its preparation method, patent No.: zl200610020134.5

(16) The preparation method of enfoviride, patent No.: zl201110140173. X

(17) A preparation method of bivalirudin, patent No.: zl201210030956.7

(18) Preparation method of liraglutide, patent No.: zl201310201411.2

(19) Preparation method of grantirel, patent No.: zl201310200501. X

(20) Preparation method of capecitabine, patent No.: zl201310200501. X

(21) preparation method of exenatide, patent No.: zl201310201952.5

(22) a method for synthesizing ganerik, patent No.: zl201410596912. X

(23) a method for synthesis of digarek, patent No.: zl201610136374.5

(24) a method for synthesizing carbetoxin, patent No.: zl201610728294.9

Utility model patents:

(1) A new sterilization device for appliance, patent No.: zl201822095748.0

(2) A new type of sterile clothing sterilization workshop, patent No.: zl201822095747.6

(3) A steam sterilization device for freeze-drying preparation production, patent No.: zl201822095746.1

(4) The invention relates to a diluting device for polypeptide technical drug, patent No.: zl201822095740.4

(5) A dry heat sterilization cabinet for pharmaceutical production, patent No.: zl201822095739.1

(6) A device for cleaning and disinfecting utensils, patent No.: zl201822094710.1

(7) A distilled water extraction device for polypeptide preparation production, patent No.: zl201822094706.5

(8) A drying device for injection preparation production, patent No.: zl201822094692.7

(9) A lamp inspection device for injection quality inspection, patent No.: zl201822094691.2